PMA CAN HELP YOU

BUSINESS STRATEGY: PMA can review your products/services and help you analyse your market potential. We can then assist you to explore all your options before you launch into the market place.

“.......I had watched Peter immersed in books, reports and ledgers and from that came a brilliantly executed plan. His work gave us the opportunity to determine our own future. I would highly recommend this exercise to anybody.” 

      Larry Neild, commenting on PMA’s Aurora Media Project

BUSINESS PLAN: PMA can help you settle on a strategy, produce a Financial Forecast and write a detailed Business Plan. We can then help you produce a professional presentation to approach your Board of Directors or attract external investors.

"Peter helped us write our first Business Plan, when we were reviewing the way forward for our UK Operations. The work that he did for us ....... provided us with clear direction on how to operate our business, expand our team and eventually set up our own ......... to cater for the changes in the market place..........."           

                                                    Craig Robinson, UPM-Kymmene

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Are you starting a new project and need somebody to plan and/or oversee the process for you?   PMA can help you.

Peter Mansfield (Director of PMA) has been responsible for setting up numerous new initiatives throughout his career. This involved writing proposals, presentations and winning business; then planning and implementing projects. For example, on one occasion, he rolled out 4 projects (all in different locations) over 8 months with a turnover of over £4million, generating a 100 new jobs.

COST SAVINGS: Are you running an operation and you cannot see the ‘wood from the trees’ and need a fresh pair of eyes to critically look at it?   PMA can help you.

"Peter helped us conduct a major review of one of our Commercial Collection Contracts. The aim of the project was to streamline the service and save money. Peter's knowledge (and that of his Associates) proved very helpful and gave us fresh ideas on how to handle this side of our business."          

                                                                                                                                                                 Robbie Warden, Sourcing Manager for UPM

Peter Mansfield was responsible for growing his previous employer’s business by £18 million per annum and saving them over £6 million through implementing efficiencies and contract negotiations.

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