PMA can help you with:

Setting up new Recycling Businesses.  Do you have a new technology that you want to introduce to the UK? Do you want assistance in taking it to market? PMA can help you with your strategy, and produce a Business Plan, Financial Forecasts and develop a Presentation for potential investors.

Developing new collection systems. As more recyclables are added to collection services, PMA can help you devise new ways to collect and segregate materials.

Project managing new initiatives. PMA can help you design, plan and roll out your initiative.  We can also provide suitable training for all your staff.

Creating efficiencies in your services.  PMA can look at  changing collection methods in order to: maximise participation, improve raw material quality, and reduce your carbon footprint. We can also re-route collection rounds.

Investigating new outlets for recyclables. PMA can identify new re-processors, negotiate competitive prices and prepare suitable contracts to suit your requirements.

Environmental Permits. PMA can handle all your environmental permits - exemptions, standard and bespoke.



Peter Mansfield began his career by helping to set up a national glass recycling scheme in the 1970s. He became the first recycling officer in local government in the UK during the 1980’s. He has seen recycling grow in the UK from 3% to its present level of over 43%. He has set up and run numerous schemes and managed very large operations.

Along with Jeff Cooper (Former President of the CIWM) and Geoff Wright (now retired), he also co-founded the Local Authority Recycling Committee (LARAC).

“...............A further project was connected with the collection of small WEEE using Banks or via a Kerbside Collection Service. The former involved coming up with the right design for a WEEE Bank, conducting trials with a number of Councils and producing detailed costings for a national scheme. The latter involved agreeing the methodology, approaching and conducting a trial with a council and producing costings for the system. I was delighted to have his (Peter) expert  input on all the projects and his work helped us to make very clear decisions for future development."

                                                                                           David Burton,MD of Strateco Ltd