Peter Mansfield (PMA’s Director) expanded his previous employer’s waste paper kerbside service from 400,000 homes to 3.2 million (15% of the UK). He then converted 70% of these contracts into multi-material kerbside schemes covering 2.2 million homes (10% of the UK). He managed 27 transfer stations around the UK which handled the products collected. He also expanded the company’s ‘bring site’ business to over 5,000 paper, glass, can, textile and plastic banks, and managed over 120 Council contracts, employing over 600 people.

PMA can help you with:

Strategy and Market Trends — ascertaining future directions and needs; developing new ideas and new operating methods; helping companies expand their portfolio and enter new markets.

Modelling Services — modelling alternative services with supporting financials; formulating and assessing ‘sub-contractor’ quotations; helping submit Tender bids.

Project Management — designing, planning and rolling out new projects; providing training and helping set up new partnerships.

Cost Savings — bringing synergies and cost savings on existing operations in order to meet new financial targets; assisting with 'out-sourcing' of services as appropriate.

New Markets for Waste — bringing understanding and insight into new waste markets and helping set up new facilities to process waste.

Tendering — preparing Tenders for Waste Contracts; critiquing and fine tuning tender submissions; helping you actually tender services and score submissions from tenderers.

"Peter has helped us considerably over the years. He has helped us write Tenders for Council Waste/Recycling Collection Contracts; obtained Environmental Permits for sites that we operate; as well as ........” 

                Chris Doughty, MD of Acumen Distribution Ltd